MEB Process has begun..

MEB ( which stands for Medical Evaluation Board) is a process that Wayne has begun within the last 3 weeks.  Wayne has been assigned a permanant profile for his physical limitations with the exercise program he is on, and was recommended to the MEB process by a podiatrist about one month ago.

What does this mean? Ultimately it means that he is in the process to see if he will be able to medically discharge from the army ( i.e. Get out, honorable discharge).  We’ve had many adventures with out 6-year career with the army so far and I’ve learned to just prepare yourself for the unknown, and be flexible.  So, we’ll see where this goes, but for now, I’m just hopeful that Wayne is able to get out, as his physical condition with his feet (primarily Plantar Fasciiatis and other severe feet/leg ailments) are making his daily life quite difficult.

This morning I will join Wayne for an appointment to see what the VA benefits are in this process, if it were to be successful, so we’re one step closer to the actual review of his file.  That, I believe, will most likely be about the November time-frame.


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