Listening to Fergie and Alphabet Pal..

So, from my bedroom I hear Fergie playing from my IPOD on the speakers by the nightstand, and next to me is Jules, pressing various buttons on her Alphabet Pal.  Off in the not-so-distant kitchen is Mahaley, with a cough that is less, than appealing.   I have so many things on my mind today.  Being a stay-at-home mom, and having the freedom to spend lots of time with my children, is priceless.  Yet, it takes some discipline and structure to really get the ‘things to do list’ accomplished.  And although no one is really coming behind to check that the things were done,  I want to accomplish them for my own personal accomplishment and fulfillment. Can anyone else agree on this?

So I have a little plan for the day… The kids have been fed, we’re playing and having story time and now it is art/craft time at the kitchen table with markers for Mahaley, and Jules is enjoying her Noah’s arc toy she got for her birthday just 2 weeks ago.  The dishwasher is running.  The laundry is flipping with all of Jules’ clothes, and the tub is ‘soaking with the awesome spring-clean smelling cleaner that I poured in there about 20 minutes ago.

It’s just an ordinary Monday morning where I hope to get some errands accomplished and yet still have a sense of a fun day with the kids.  I have a Pampered Chef party today, and still need to go buy the ingredients for that too.  But Mahaley is quite thrilled at the idea of pushing the ‘kids’ grocery cart that they have at Kroger.  Plus, since we’re really only going for those ingredients, we should be in/out in a total of 15 minutes max.

Before we get to errand time, Jules will go down for her morning nap. That is when I am going to conquer the bathtubs.  It really isn’t that bad a household chore, yet I put it off. It’s at a point that it just can’t be put off any further.

So, it might be mundane sounding, but its our day.  We’re together and we’re ready for what the rest of the day has to offer.


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