Dancing on a Budget!!

So, last night my dear friends and I went out for a great evening.   We went to dinner at Tony Romas and then to The Opryland Hotel, to go dancing.  Anna didn’t know what we were doing, just told to be dressed and ready for when we picked her up.  She enjoyed the surprise, to say the least.

The circumstances are leaving my heart happy and sad. I’m torn.  Anna, a wonderful friend I’ve known over 2 years here in Clarksville is moving next week.  Due to her husband losing his job, and an amazing job opportunity that came his way, they are soon to call Columbus, Georiga home.  And I think what makes this a little more hard to believe is that it came about very quickly.  So having someone you spend lots of time with, weekly, to finding out they are being snatched away to a state that isn’t do-able for a daily playdate, is sad.  But, I’m super excited for this growth for their family and Mike’s job.

I highly recommend anyone that likes to dance to check out The Fuse, located within the hotel.  For anyone who has never been to the hotel, it is a world all within its own.  Several restaurants, river rides, train rides, and a fantastic place to dance!

Now, we hit the jackpot because we danced for free.  On weekends there is a $20 cover charge ( YIKES) but during the week it is free!!  Now, check out their website for the fine details, because they are closed on Wednesdays.  The hotel is filled with conference attendees, and after their conferences end, some of them come to dance and relax a bit.  But the reason I found it to be super enjoyable was that it wasn’t swamped, the DJ was playing good music ( if you like 80’s mixed in with some more current music).

So, grab your husband, or friends, and get a babysitter, and head on out to get some great exercise by dancing dancing dancing!


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