As they Grow we grow..

Motherhood is amazing. I mean, yes, there are times of trials just like in any aspect of life, but being a mom is the most rewarding thing on Earth I have ever done.  Jules, my baby girl, turns one on July 30th.  I can hardly believe that an entire year has nearly passed us already. 

Sometimes even what used to be just mundane tasks, like doing the laundry, as a mom, have turned into a massive accomplishment, while being a mom with two kids at home.  I mean, maintaining a house that looks acceptable if someone unexpectedly comes by, has always been my personal goal {which isn’t always accomplished on a daily basis} but getting that fifth load of laundry washed, folded AND PUT AWAY ( the kicker sometimes) makes me feel so good!

And as I type this I hear the sweet giggles of my girls in the bathtub.  Knowing that I have the privlege to raise these girls with my husband, and that God has entrusted their care completely to us, what a gift.  And so, in the midst of frustrating moments with my strong-willed 4 year-old, I grow a little bit as well does she.  And my sweet little Jules that is embarking on the skill of learning to stand and walk, is growing.  We’re all growing.  Getting just a little bit older, a little bit wiser, and ready for the next day!

Growing can be painful, even for us adults.  But growth is a good thing!


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