CHICAGO – A few Highlights and Places to Check out!

I love my job in that I get to see different places across the country for training events.  My first training was Jan 08′ in Cincinnatti, OH. It was there that I met Mary Grant, in person.  She is my director with The Pampered Chef and a complete AMAZING person.  Not only is she a true testimony as a beautiful Godly woman with a heart of gold, but she is downright hilarious.  She makes me laugh.  She’s sincere.  I like that!  It was at that first training that I learned great skills that allowed me to really grow in my business.  Since then I have travelled to Denver, CO and now this very week I’ve been in good ole’ Chicago, IL for a second time. 

I LOVE to travel.  I love sightseeing and checking out the way others live across the world.  So what a special treat I had to come to Chicago 2 days early before the start of the actual conference { THANK YOU MOM ! If it weren’t for you coming to help with the girls I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to come at all. Not just come.  But to come knowing my children are being cared for, and loved, just as if I were there doing it myself}.  While on my visit here in the city, I’ve been able to see quite a few things.  


1. Chicago Trolley Tour – If you go to their website you can see the routes which you can sign up for as well as all the possible stops.  There are several free little perks you get on this tour ( see below) but the great thing is you can hop on/off as much as you wish and make the route last as long as you wish.  Then,  you can also sign up on-line before you get here, and get a 10% discount just by signing up online.

2. Hard Rock Cafe Chicago -One of my hobbies is going to various Hard Rock Cafes across the world.  And this was my first time getting to the Hard Rock Cafe here in Chicago.  Totally loved that!

3.  Garrett Popcorn Shops – With your trolley tour, you can get a free sample pack of their popcorn.  That free sample is a blend of cheddar popcorn, mixed with caramel popcorn, all in the same bag and it is just amazing.  At first I thought the combination sounded displeasing.  But trust me.  You just have to give it a try and I think you’ll become a fan like me!

4. Rosebud on Rush –  I haven’t been much of a fan of Italian food as I’m not a ‘huge’ pasta fan.  That being said, I have a wonderful dining experience at Rosebud on Rush Street in downtown Chicago.  I enjoyed a nice glass of Riesling wine, compliments of Katie that had purchased a bottle for our table to enjoy!  Then, I ordered the tomato-basil soup and an order of grilled asparagus.  I then had the delight to sample the food of both Katie and Carla ( Lasagna and Katie’s which was a risotto with asparagus and shrimp!  This was the nicest Italian restaurant I have ever eaten at in my life and it was quiet pleasant.

5. Lou Malnati’s –  This was a fantastic dining experience.  Whether you like the idea of a reasonably priced meal with friends, or a special dinner with your hubby, this is great!!  

TOP RECOMMENDED -There were 4 of us and we ordered this salad, and just split it 4 ways as our appetizer.  We got the large, but could have gone with the smaller one easily!  I Loved this salad —

Malnati Salad – Romaine lettuce, diced tomatoes, black olives, sliced mushrooms, crumbled salami and gorgonzola cheese. Tossed with Lou’s famous dressing with a touch of romano cheese.

And as if that wasn’t enough we enjoyed a large pizza…Lou’s Pizza (Fresh spinach, mushrooms and sliced tomatoes covered with a blend of mozzarella, romano and cheddar cheese.)

6. Jan Hancock View From the Top – You could pay money to tour the John Hancock Observatory (which is the 94th floor).   But why would you pay to do that when you can go in to the 95th and 96th floors for FREE and either just walk around casually, or sit and enjoy a drink. My strawberry smoothy was the best I’ve ever had ( yes, really!) and the views breathtaking.  I was there right at sunset and it was remarkable.    TIP – The view from the ladies bathroom are the best ( even our waitress told us this) and everyone takes their camera with them and are posing in the bathroom against the glass wall facing all of Chicago!


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