I’m Heading to Chicago!~

So, as a Pampered Chef consultant, I get the joy of getting to go to National Conference.  It is a yearly event, held in July each year, near the home office of The Pampered Chef ( which is actually in Addison, IL).  Although this July marks my 2 year anniversary with the company, this will be my first National Conference.  The first summer, conference had just ended the very week I joined.  Then,  the following year, I was 9 months pregnant, and couldn’t travel that close to my due-date. So, here I am, going into my 3rd summer, and I AM able to go!

I leave tomorrow, and do you think I’m packed?  Nope.  Do you think I know what outfits I’m wearing on what days? Nope.  Do you think it will all come together, and I’ll get there regardless and have a great time?  The answer is clearly yes! 

Chicago is a really neat city!  I went last May, but was only in the city for 1 day before I headed to Addison, IL for some training.  What I saw of Chicago was really  neat and I’m super-excited to see more.

Although I’m going for ‘work’ purposes, I’m hoping with my camera along, and one extra day to just be a tourist, I’m going to get to see some neat sights and have a good time.

Some of my goals on the trip:

See Oprah Studios

Go to Hard Rock Cafe

See Wrigley Field

Can’t wait to return home and share with you some pictures.  Hopefully my travels via flight will be uneventful, and speedy!  And hopefully I’ll manage just fine, carrying all my luggage from the airport, via the train to my hotel.

I’m confident in my abilities!


One response to “I’m Heading to Chicago!~

  1. Hey Heather! I hope you have a great time in Chicago. Robbie loved visiting there. Try to get some good pictures of Wrigley Field. I would love to be able to get some copies from you. I would like to frame some of them for his office. He loves his Cubs!!! Love ya!

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