First Birthday Preparations

So our little girl Jules is going to be turning one in just a few weeks.  And aside from the joys of helping her celebrate this milestone, we’re enjoying the planning process for her actual birthday party.  Now, what we decided to do is to have ‘big’ years of celebration where we will have parties outside of the family.  Of course every birthday will get celebration, but if is a non-big year, then we’ll keep it on a lower-key scale, and keep the budget portion of the planning to a very reasonable rate.

The ‘BIG’ years will occur every three years:

1 – First Bday

4 – Fourth Bday

7 – Seventh Bday

10 – Tenth Birthday

13 – Thirteenth Bday

16 – Sweet Sixteen

Invitations for Jules’ party went out this week.  It will be a combination of family as well as friends.  I get to start working on the menu, which will be exciting as I love to entertain.  Then, the cake decisions.  I’m already working on the entertainment factor.

More details to come as it gets closer.  And I’ll be sure to share with you a picture of the sweet sweet babe on her first birthday!


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