What am I Doing?

Do you ever just sit, waiting for a lightning bolt to strike you from God, telling you what decisions to make when you are faced with various options?  Or, when you just aren’t sure what on earth it is you should choose to be doing?  I know for me, this is the case.  Right now I feel at a crossroads regarding my calling on the missionfield of life.  Now what I do know to be true, is my calling to be a mother.  I crave time everyday with my sweet little girls, to just enjoy their smiles, their humorous quirks, and just seeing what it is they are going to do ‘new’ each day. 

With that being said, I’m just trying to figure out what it is God wants for me in my life, additionally.  Now, I don’t say that to imply I feel incomplete in someway. But, more so, that as a one family income, since we moved back to the USA from Germany, I really like the idea of doing ‘something’ to supplement our family income.

The Pampered Chef has filled that outlet for me for the last 2 years ( can you believe it has been 2 years?). Currently I’ve had MANY ideas cross my mind –

1. Getting my master’s with the intent to teach online college courses

2. Seeking wisdom, prayerfully from God, about a direction for grad school as to be more prepared for the job market once the kids are in kindergarten ( that being said, I’ve felt a calling to homeschool too. That’s a whole other blog within itself)

I have really enjoyed so many of the jobs that I have had, it almost leaves me feeling torn as I’m not quite sure which direction I really want to pursue.

This blog, boils down to a lot of rambling, but if it does anything it lets you have a small peek into what I’m trying to figure out.


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