Get 10 issues of The Food Network Magazine for $1.50 each – AND Frozen Lemonade Pie

The title alone got my attention as I was reading this month’s Food Network Magazine.

Frozen Lemonade Pie ( I wrongfully called this Iced Lemonade Pie on my facebook earlier today..)

This week while I am on vacation and was in Wal-Mart, I totally treated myself and bought The Food Network magazine that was at the check-out stand. It first got my attention because Ina Garten was on the cover in a small spot towards the top.  Then it was such a thick magazine, and only $3.99, that I decided to give it a try!  And let me tell you I love it…And I just put in the mailbox this morning the awesome deal to get 10 issues of the magazine for only $15.  That breaks down to $1.50 a magazine.  What a great investment into my kitchen and more importantly my creative juices in the kitchen!  Go pick up your magazine…..!

If you want to get a FREE TRIAL copy of the magazine to see what you think , click here.


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