Soda fun in the restaurant

So, I thought this quite humorous.  When we were on our journey to SC this past week, Mahaley said her stomach wasn’t feeling well and she didn’t have much appetite for food when we did stop for lunch.  Especially when I am on a long trip, alone, I enjoy stopping at an actual restaurant because I just need the mental break for 1 hour to just not be driving and it gets the kids a chance to be out of their carseats and stretch a bit.

That being said, and me thinking that a little carbonation may help settle her stomach I ordered Mahaley a Sprite.  Now Mahaley hasn’t had soda, to-date.  I do realize it is one of those things that will come, as in she will be exposed to, but I also know that what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her, and in the meantime, she’s just as happy without it.

I explained to her that the drink might help her tummy feel better, and that she should take a sip or 2.  She was quite upset with the idea and in a voice (which I am sure was heard by the 2-4 tables near us) said to me, ” No, mom…I don’t want to drink soda…PLEASE”.  Thus making it sound to all those around me I’m trying to force my child into drinking soda pop.  Mom of the year award right there!

She finally decided to take 2 sips ( really only because I said we needed to drink it so we could continue our trip to see Grand-daddy and Grammy).  Her reaction?  Her eyes got all wide-eyed, and she said, ” Oh, so sweeeeeeeet”.  She went back for another sip.  I thought for a moment I might be in some trouble, but she then asked if she could have water. “Mom, I’d rather have a kids drink.”

She’s 4 1/2 and had Soda ( 2 big sips) for the first time…SPRITE.  How memorable!


One response to “Soda fun in the restaurant

  1. To be honest just a few sips of soda is kinda nasty. When Serena first tried it she didn’t like it. Now she does of course, but since I’m trying to stop drinking it she doesn’t get it much either.

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