A roadtrip that lasts forever

And so my day began at 445am. ( I knew staying up until 1am wasn’t a good idea as I was getting so many last minute preparations complete, but oh well..what’s done is done) A quick hop in the shower and then to get the final items in the car for our roadtrip to South Carolina before I go and wake Mahaley so Wayne can tell her goodbye.  Man is she a daddy’s girl.  She struggled telling him by but at the same time her excitement to go to see Grammy and Grand-Daddy kind of made it a bitter-sweet.

Lastly, almost forgot diapers, grabbed Jules, and off we began the trip that took just over 13 hours (it’s about 7-7.5 hrs of driving!)

We left Tennessee at 623AM. We pulled in my parents driveway in South Carolina t 714PM.

Just a few of the highlights to make you possibly thankful you weren’t on this adventure with us.

649 AM – Dunkin Donuts/Gas Station/Mountain Dew Stop/Feed Jules Cereal

7:30ish AM – Stop for Jules…hysteria. Wouldn’t take bottle

75oish AM – Stop for Jules…..hysteria..Wouldn’t take bottle

840ish AM – Stop for Jules..fresh diaper, she Finally wanted her bottle, PottyBreak with Mahaley…Jules fell asleep about 1 hr.. – DVD player starts fritzing on me.. Uh oh! It came back to life, thankfully and worked..

1030AM – Jules quite fussy, stop….took bottle….UPSET although I *thought* surely she would fall asleep at this point..NOT!

1115am – Jules finally falls asleep,

1130am- -Mahaley says she needs to ‘throw up’, so I pull in a McDonalds parking lot..Couldn’t ‘throw up’ outside of car, Jules managed to stay asleep through this stop..

1145am – Mahaley says she needs to ‘poop’ right now..as in can’t make it to the stop, so off to the side of the interstate, opening both the passenger front door, and back door as to give her a little privacy and help her squat, and she ‘can’t go.

12pm – Jules awake…and good and hungry..so we eat lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s – Crabcakes for me – YUMMY! Coke for the road to help stay awake!

1pm-717pm – The later half of the day was much more smooth..Jules took a good 2 hour nap at least, and Mahaley started to ‘feel’ better.  We had a stop for gasoline in the mountains at the white water rafting hangout, which made me want to GO RAFTING, but I thought the timing was less than appropriate with the kids by myself :> Grabbed a little boiled peanuts for a vendor on the side of the road, got gas, fed Jules bottle, and off we went….and went and went. Another 2 stops, then we were here..FINALLY!


Whew, seriously, travelling with small kids certainly can be trying for them too, I realize, being all strapped in for so long!  But, I am just glad to be here in South Carolina and I’ll be glad if I don’t get in a car at all tomorrow!


One response to “A roadtrip that lasts forever

  1. More power to you for making that trip! Sometimes just the hour to my parents house with Serena screaming the whole way because she wants something specific is enough to make me totally crazy. I guess its better than flying from Germany to the US though, hehe.

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