Our future…Clarksville…Houses..etc.

Well, so many of you are wondering if we’re moving. That might make total sense because I did indeed say we’re getting ready to put our house FOR SALE BY OWNER.  We have been prayerfully considering for the last three months the idea of selling our home, and moving onto Ft. Campbell, military housing.  WHY? Ultimately, we feel it is a good financial decision for us, and we’re willing to make the change.  I do really love where we live, but that being said, if I can save every month, be able to maximize our finances, I’m all about the change.  I’ll be farther from several of my friends, but we’ve got a car, and it isn’t like I’ll have to walk, right? 

Additionally, we got news this week that Wayne is deploying later in 2009.    That really has no weight of any kind on our potential selling of our home, {though my mom and mary grant} suggested I come to South Carolina while Wayne is gone.

So, for the time being, my answer is we’re hoping to sell the house, get housing on-post, and see what the future holds. 

That is it in a nutshell.


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