Getting things done –!

Do you ever feel that you have a zillion things to do, not enough time to do it all {or do it all effectively}, and still feel exhausted at the end of the day, to simply have the feeling of just not measuring up? Well, that is my reality, or at least how it has been for, oh, let me say ( ahem) the last year or so! A constant feeling of trying to ‘do it all’ but not doing any of it really all to well (or at least not up to the standards at which I set for myself).

I’ve come to a new realization that I must do something differently because what I was doing just wasn’t working.  My philiosphy on change, is that it IS going to happen, so embrace it!

As a mom with 2 children, ages 4 1/2 and days away from 10 months old, I long to have fun with them, and not just ‘cleaning’ and doing all my ‘things to do list’ while they are in my presence.  I had been staying up late, ( about 1 am) to get things done, but with it being the end of the day, I found myself simply just vegging, and kind of not doing ‘real work’ needing to be done related to my direct sales job or housework for that matter. Let’s face it. Vacumning at midnight isn’t really a kind motherly thing to do.

So, today, May 28, 2009, is day 3 of my new found routine.  And let me say it is working for me in so many ways.  It all started as a fluke really.  But then again, maybe God really was making me WIDE OPEN to this new idea!  I woke on Tuesday morning at 545am ( kids don’t wake until 715am=730am).  I was thirsty and wanted some orange juice and decided to go get a drink, then I realized I wasn’t all that tired, so I decided to stay up and get some paperwork done before the kids woke…and some cleaning.  To my surprise, it was the most effective hour of my entire day!

So, I thought I’d try it again…and then again…And so, being on day 3 today, I have found the desire to wake and start my day early to be wonderful.  Now honestly, though I am tired genuinely in the evening about 10pm, and I have been going to bed about 1030pm, no later than 11pm,  I am kind of still struggling to fall asleep in the evening.  I’m hoping that will work itself out as my body adjusts to this new sleep schedule.  And of course, on the weekends I’m thinking treating myself to sleeping in is a nice perk too!

The way I split up the power hour is as follows:

15 minutes for ME – To wake up, brush my teeth, make my bed, and read a devotional and have some prayer/quiet time to reflect.  Allowing me time to ask God for strength as I head into this new day.

30 minutes of Cleaning – Everything from unload the dishwasher, get started on a few loads of laundry, etc.  A super effective 30 minutes I tell you!

Then, lastly, I begin doing paperwork in my office and do so until the children awaken.

I have found a HUGE sense of accomplishment in my days, still time to play with the kids  (more now actually), and the opportunity to do whatever I want during naptime ( whether it be read on the hammock, make phone calls, facebook, or more cleaning if needed).

So, I’m completely being honest in knowing that day 3 isn’t enough time to say this is my permanent plan of action…but I’m super loving it, and it makes me a happier, healthier, more pleasant wife, mother, and woman!


4 responses to “Getting things done –!

  1. That really is a good idea. There have been a few times in the past month that I woke up a little while before Serena usually does and she ended up sleeping late. It was so nice to get something done and not have it eat away at our day to day stuff. I’m not sure I could make myself do it though.

  2. Yes, i hear ya! Today both girls slept in until 8am, which means I got twice as much done..It was like a super sweet bonus!

  3. …Early to Bed- Early to Rise- Make a woman, Wealthy and Wise !!! Welcome to my world!
    It really is much healthier for you!! Glad it is workin’ for ya.

  4. ashley bailey

    i should try that!!! but theres no way id be able to drag myself out of bed before 7 lol. noah sleeps till 9-930 now so i could swing 8am…im gonna give this a try!!!

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