Long time Friends

What a fabulous weekend we just had.  Of course now I’m feeling pretty crummy with what I believe are sinus/allergies I’ve been experiencing since our trip on Saturday to pick strawberries, but nonetheless, what a bunch of fun things we packed into the last 72 hours.

Do you have someone that you’ve had in your life a long long time? Not a family member, but someone that you have chosen to remain in contact with by choice :>?Well, I’m blessed and thankful to say I’ve got many childhood friends that I am still in contact with, and more importantly can call ‘friend’, but Susan from South Carolina is the sweet friend that just came to spend the weekend with us.

Susan arrived Friday evening just as it was time for the kids to go to bed.  We let them all visit and give high fives to Ms. Susan, and then it was time for a great relaxing meal, minus kids.  We had a scrumptious meal if I must say so myself.  Chicken Prosciutto, Long grain rice, and strawberry spinach salad. Delish!  {I can’t wait to make this for my mom and dad next month when I go on a trip to see them in South Carolina.}  Then we headed up to the bonus room to have some WII time.  Between Wii Fit and Wii sports, we were all entertained for quite some time and before we knew it, we were all whipped and ready for a good nights sleep.


Susan and Heather

Susan and Heather

 Saturday started quite early as we were having a Garage Sale from 7am-11. That is my ideal garage sale timeframe that I’m quite partial too.  The serious yardsalers have come/gone by that point, and since we just had it all on tables in the garage, it wasn’t a huge feat or undertaking to prepare for it.  So come, and $151 later in profit  at 11:01am, the garage door went down, we all loaded in the car and headed to Chuck E Cheese, as Mahaley had earned an incentive from the prior week and she was ‘so excited’ to go! After nearly 2 hours of pizza, salad bar and tokens, we were ready to leave.  Mahaley was most thrilled about turning in her tickets and going to pick out her prize, so leaving involved no crying fits, or hysteria of anykind.  I was pleasantly surprised too that there weren’t a lot of people there for a Saturday.  I had been fearful that going on a Saturday could be a bit on the chaotic side, but that was not the case, and made for an even more enjoyable experience for us all. I admit, I detest super large crowds, in areas filled with children, often where other parents aren’t watching their kids, and it is hectic and a little madness.  

The rest of the weekend included a super-fantastic dinner at the Catfish House (you must go if you live in the Clarksville area) , watching of the movie TWILIGHT (hated it/bored me completely), church Sunday morning, followed by an afternoon in Nashville —Big River Brewery for Lunch (seated outside is super-duper as we got to eat but have the free entertainment of the horse carriages, and big buses driving by), a walk through the Opryland Hotel, a quick jaunt to Bass Pro Shops so Wayne could dream of the boat he wanted and home for a final tasty fun BBQ here at the house ( the BBQ was brought inside due to the rain).

And all along, in the midst of all these activities we were able to chat, catch-up on what’s been going on, and just be ‘real’ talking about anything that came to mind.  Sharing a history with a long-time friend is great. Maintaining that friendship and making new memories, priceless!


2 responses to “Long time Friends

  1. Dang….you had one busy weekend. But those are the best. Next time Jeana and I are in the area be sure to hook us up with that chicken prosciutto of yours, man I love that stuff!

  2. sounds wonderful!!! I’ve got some friends like that- long time church pals whom I’ve known FOREVER and we still keep in touch and visit when we’re able 🙂

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