Selling your home For Sale By Owner

So, we’re in the midst of getting our home ready to go on the market for sale. We’re going to do it for sale by owner, mainly because we figure we might as well try.  Doing those few touch ups to the house before we officially put the sign in the front yard ( including all the fun tips you get from watching HGTV and all the fun shows telling you how to clear off all the items of your kitchen counter).  And as any mom knows trying to keep your house spotless, and in ‘show-status’ 24/7 is going to certainlly be a challenge.  But, it’s a good thing right? Keeping the house clean all the time, and heading into spring/summer, well that alone is enough to put a smile on my face. 

Now, since I’m the one who needs to get the ‘clean house spotless’ part done, I suppose I better step it up and get my mo-jo going regarding cleaning.  Anyone have any tips on doing for sale by owner, please please share your comments below. We’re all ears!


5 responses to “Selling your home For Sale By Owner

  1. ashley bailey

    i didnt know you guys were selling the house….its soo cute!! are you leaving TN too??

  2. Good luck. I know selling your house and living on base will mean saving what could be a lot of money even if it means you won’t be as close to your friends or the things you enjoy doing. While we have been looking to buy a house I see how much out of pocket we will have to pay and know its going to be a huge adjustment. In some ways that is okay and in others its not because who wants to spend more money!

  3. Sabrina Rivera

    I did not know yall were selling too? Are yall PCSing? We are selling ours too but with an real estate agent. John is going to Korea and we are going back to Texas. Let me know whats going on.

  4. Angela O'Hanlon

    Hi Heather,

    Have you looked into the AFRN network? You can list your home on it and it is for military members only. I have used it to locate our current home. Also look at Military by Owner. We had a neighbor who swore by it. That is the only way they sold both of their homes. Good luck to you!


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