We’re on the list..

Well, after continued thought, conversation, prayer, waiting, and more prayer, we have placed our names on the waiting list for on-post housing.  We anticipate placing our home on the market via For Sale By Owner.  It can’t hurt to try, and I just cannot help to think that with a little patience, this really can work out to our advantage.  The market makes me somewhat hesitant to see what is going to happen.  When I’m driving around time I see a lot of FOR SALE signs everywhere!!  But that being said, I’m quite pleased with the side of town we did choose to buy and maybe that will work to our advantage.

I suppose this means I should clean a little more? Ah, yeah.  Our first step?  We’re having a yard sale in the morning and hoping to accomplish to main goals: 1) MAKE SOME CASH-OLA 2) Rid of some things and declutter.

We shall see…


2 responses to “We’re on the list..

  1. ashley bailey

    lol well this answers my above question…guess i should have started reading at the bottom =)

  2. I think this is a GREAT time to sell…a lot of people will be PCSing in…your house is VERY cute someone will want it! You will be in our prayers!

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