Would you move to save?

So, my husband and I have been tossing around the idea of possibly putting our house up on the market for sale.  We are a military family, and an upcoming move is surely in our future.  It could be 1 year, or longer from now though. Hence, making the question of this blog even more intriguing. 

We’re always trying to work on our budget, and cut costs where we can, and since we are a military family, we have the option to put our name on the waiting list for ‘on post’ housing.  It would be a reduction in our monthly expenses on so many levels, but it would be a clear inconvenience for my social life.  I mean, my friends live primarily on this side of town, and I’d no longer need just 5-10 minutes to get to most weekly activities.    But, if I know that we could try to sell our home, and go ahead and move, the savings could really help us meet our financial goals much much sooner. 

I know to some this may seem a bit extreme, but to us, it is more so a matter of the unknown as to how quickly the house will sell.  We’d like to take a try at putting it on the market as FOR SALE BY OWNER, especially since we’ll be here to help in the legwork of that process, but it also means I could potentially need to keep my home looking ‘show worthy’ all the time, for a long time! That is a scary thought to me. 

So, we’re thinking about it, praying about it, and hoping that soon and very soon we’ll either go ahead and list it, or wait. Decisions decisions.


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